Saturday, June 10, 2017

Cooly Rocks Part #1 - the Feel.

Cooly Rocks is a Rock and Roll  / Car Festival at Coolangatta on the Australia's Gold Coast.

It's an event with a "Feel" . Cars are shown in the town streets.

Cadilac style,

Low Bug

JDM Datsun... 120Y

dodge truck sled.

American and Australian machines are the majority with the era based heavily in the 50's & 60's

Heaven is in the back seat.

creamy EH Holden engine bay.

Bolwel Nagari.

Aussie Muscle Icon #1. A9X hatch.

Aussie Muscle Icon #2. Falcon XY GT

chopped look alike. 

On Fire

These cars had some cool options in 1968. External tacho.

What is Cowl induction...?

I can't see the point in parking in the SAME place every year though. There were some things like this that keep an event stale.

Mix it up please.

love these small diameter rims. 

While not a Panel Van. You can't beat a Holden Ute parked next to the BBQ.

This sand-MAN ute is ALL MAN! 

Big Sleds

And the Odd Hot Rod. 

Some cars take pride of place.


XC Cobra

No Shakers here.

Individual style pleases only that person. Don't try to understand.

Because if you HAVE TO ask why? You will not get it.

ALL Motor.

 Rusty demon.

tang. must.

Monaros and Fairlanes... There was something for everyone.

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