Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sfida - Liberty Walk R35 - New Project

The Sfida branded 1/10 RC LB*Works R35 GT-R is a bit of a beast.

With 2 of these in the LB Works, 

 I'll soon be taking a Liberty "Walk in the Park"

Gold 4 Me!

Base is the Tamiya R35 GT-R but most of it will be cut away to hold the massive arches and deep front bar.

2nd car in Green Highlights

SFIDA kit includes,
Front Bar,
Front Splitter and connecting rod, Rear Splitter,
Rear Wing,
Front Fender Set L+R
Rear Fender Set L+R
Sticker Set

While I'm not sold on the Swan Neck spoiler, you can expect something street with a few little touches.

I liked the Tetsujin R35, but these add that little extra drama and scale

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