Saturday, June 3, 2017

DRB-REW Tsunami BL

DRB-REW  BL Version.

Feel the cool blue alloy threaded carbon to add the extra style

  Recently, My DRB-REW conversions have been performing well.

So when the opportunity to try something new came up... I thought why not change it up.

The Graphite Sandwich includes a silver alloy thread and a blue alloy thread.

Results are a great match for DRB and Overdose Blue Alloy.

Now living under my Skyline BL Version.

Of course, performance is identical to previous setup, but that's hardly the point. Personal style choice can definitely take over.

I still encounter a small line up from time to time.

#000 Prototype Ninja Black
#014 Version 1.1 Samurai Red
#045 Version 1.2 Tsunami BL    

During this upgrade process of course there was some leftovers.

Version 1.1 SSG plates have now been installed on a de-anodised Typhoon spec Overdose DRB with type C front that was just laying around.

finalizing the parts and inclusions before sale.

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