Friday, August 11, 2017

2017 Check point

The garage is very full but satisfying.

While the FD3s is still in my blood. My other machines seem to get more use. 

the S13 DRB-REW had been the mainstay this year and the FR-D / 86 Kuso Hachi Roku project has been super fun also.

This machine has seen a lot of work. The DP underneath shares duty with many of my custom bodies.

The fact that a Yokomo Drift Package can move from Front drive to 4WD to RWD and Wheel base from 215 to 260 sees the chassis config change a lot. High motor, Low Motor etc.

When it does change to the short chassis, it sits under this hiace. Ninja Turtles are always ready.

These machines and the use of Figures is very involving and really changed my focus from a car on a track to small track and detail.

The number of times the turtles were attacked is amazing. So adding myself to the 86 is also fun.

removable panels and engine detail always makes using the 86 different.

Most of my machines wear Japanese stickers that I have collected on trips to Japan. Swapping tags with friends makes good memories.

This machine follows the Kuso 86 project that makes you think about RC in a different way. a 200 horsepower 4AGE powered car should drive differently to a 1000 horsepower D1 car. replicating this with friends has been awesome fun.

Speaking of high horsepower, this fits the bill. By the way it behaves on track its easy to see that a 1000hp RB26DET swap was more than likely installed. This in way behaves like a stock SR20.

Building a car that replicates reality simply adds to the enjoyment.

Adding the full interior and "the twins" also gives this machine a sense of reality.

We sit pretty close to the track these days and at places like GCRCD in OZ and NEO in Japan, the immersion in the 1/10 world is awesome.   Come on!

Recently, this Lexus has taken a lot of my interest. A Roll-Chassis setup on my Custom DP has me picking this one as a fave.

While I wait for my GTR35 to be completed, im really enjoying the Tetsujin + WARU VIP Sports Style.

So I still am trying to clear-out the collection. FR-D + 86 combo must go and the mix up DP is also flagged for the sale table. So check the For Sale section..

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