Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Sliders Chassis Extreme

How do you know what's underneath?

Sometimes the best is not the prettiest.

Plastic DP, Plastic MST knuckles, Plastic Motor Mount, plastic arms, TRF Shocks and Keyence Electrics.

For me, the RE-Xtreme DP is very very stable and very easy to drive. Setup this way with a Yokomo Gyro, I can do hours on end, but the feeling for me is not very dynamic. 

YD2 + FULL OPTION + SPL MADE Chassis and FULL Yokomo Electrics

Every Option part doesn't instantly mean response and balance. You still need to tune for your target location.

Pretty may not mean performance. Tuning and small changes however on a chassis like this are more easily adjusted. Initial YD-2 target circuits are high grip. We are now seeing the evolution for low grip circuits. 

Overdose Vacula2 + FULL Overdose OPTION + Sanwa Super Vortex and MST Gyro

For the price of 4 or more plastic machines, the should equate to the peak of manufacturer tuning platforms.

Adjustability is one of the Vacula2's strong points with precise changes made easy.

In the end, "performance" is style based in drift and relies so much on tuning, setup, driver's style and flexibility.

In competition, the way the judges want you to drive means you must adjust the chassis to perform the way they want. So adjustability is key.

There's not right and wrong. Just enjoy your machines!

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