Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sliders Test Session

With some maintenance performed, it was off to test.  Silver OD-Drift Package + IS-FSport

vs Full Plastic Drift Package + RX7

New Railing!

Adding to the feel

The DP Roll chassis is performing pretty well but you always need a benchmark.

That's where these guys come in...

Lining up behind a DRB-REW is always going to give you a pretty good idea if your tune is on the money.

Underneath this Skyline is DRB-REW  GOLD SPL in good hands.

And this one is the  DRB REW RED Samurai

They all have different behaviour as owners set up to their own style

Slash by slash you can compare and try new things.

I was also testing my Full Plastic DP. (RX7) These two showing off some IROHA love.

Enough posing... rear duck spoiler omit for balance

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a plastic chassis as long as you respect the limits.

Weigh balance plays a big part in RC drift and if you think... Lightweight Sports and maintain momentum, you will be door-to door.

tracing the centre line with the front wheel. a favourite pass time.  "Zero crash with this approach."

try them all.

Check this...

After a trip to New Zealand. the ZN6 V2 has returned to Australia albeit minus the rear duck tail wing which is a rear shame because that's one piece that really makes a difference to handling.

Enjoy your RC.

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