Saturday, March 10, 2018


How do you keep up with RC drift trends?

 Many of the newer Drift chassis now eliminate the Droop tabs so my DRB-REW is now droop free.

Ive always had long stoke and raised bulkhead positions for weight shift, but now it's just that little extra.

You will also see the evolution in setting here. older overdose "Type C" suspension components hacked away to allow more angle at full lock

The limiting factor these days seems to be related to the ball end design at large droop angle. some binding can result. Trying to keep bump steer to a minimum is a challenge with major changes in geometry.

 I still have a few more changes in store at the back to re-mount the suspension more inboard and increase the roll like my older blue chassis. But it's fun when you get back into chassis play.

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  1. where have i been these past few years? have to sell few stuff and raise money for my DRB Halfdose. Gotta REW it up!


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