Saturday, March 3, 2018

Wheel Stocktake

 Wheels Wheels Wheels. How many should you have?

1 set per car. Probably. As I have built about 40-50 bodies over 10 years, the accumulation of matching rims gave that perfect match. Having sold a lot of bodies (and rims) already, I needed to stocktake.

Topline, Yokomo, MST, Tetsujin, Overdose, RC-ART, Kazama, SPICE, 3 Racing, HPI, Speedline, StreetJam  and More found their way through my collections.

So what's left? 

Topline N-Model Rims are definitely a favourite. As the cover image also shows, a simple 5 spoke design with strong yet flexible rim, are a great balance.

Not many manufacturer's make +12 anymore, so I'm glad I have these. for those Wide Body machines.

And these Black Limited Addition flake versions.

The real versions of these rims branded by Uras back in the day, were a copy of the Rays Nismo LM4 but were super popular as cheap replicas in the drift community.

There are now 3 versions of the Top line rim but the V1 holds a soft spot. 

Almost  a TE37 look alike.

The version 2 has a wide lip for a stretched look of the +12 abailable in lower offsets. these are +7. 

2 sets of these were obtained for my Twin Altezzas. All of these rims have done a lot of laps. 

except these. I always think Chrome will look good, but honestly, they don't. they are hard to see and reflect the track colour which is not always a good thing.

Topline NF also add some variety.

For true TE37 look and some flexible multi offset, the 3 Racing rims are cheap and decent. 

The maker of these is unknown, but they add to the 5 spoke options.

Quite similar to these Spice rims. at +13, they are about the widest offset rim available.

But unfortunately, you'd expect a wide TE37 to have a deep dish, but these do not.

Mikuni rims are also very similar to Topline manufacture and plastic quality. The Genosis are for those Mesh lovers.

The Tetsujin range are flexible. you can swap and change centres and rims. Some are 3 6 9 and some centres are 6 9 12

This is a cheap way to get flexibility. swap the centers for options.

My Missile rim selection.


Rims and centres are available in many colours. One drawback is that the rim thickness can impede for RWD lock.

Old School. Stock look. with these daytona style.

 Street Jam offer great selections of small centre rim. Perfect for Old school.

Similar size to the M-Chassis rims bat able to fit larger bodies.

 Yokomo have come a long way. These are actually my first set of rims ever. Yokomo CE28N 8-spoke but only +3 offset.

NT-03 Also only +3 I think these need to be replaced. the first rims has ridges which made for tough mounting.

 New Yokomo Rims are designed for RWD. they have a thin inner lip for more angle.

But the plastic is quite hard and fitting tyres is still tricky.

Another Brand thats been around for ever is HPI. these Work XC8 I always find too pretty to run.

Old miesters on the other hand have been used and abused.

With 26mm the standard 1:10 size. These @ 32mm and 35mm require special tyres, but these days are only display. You can't run much camber on these.

The licencing for Work rims have been with many manufacturers. Street Jam - HPI but now Overdose make some of the most scale looking rims. 

These RC926 Yaba King versions are pretty cool, but the plastic used for overdose rims is a bit hard and brittle. 

Offsets are usually a bit weak, these +10 are about the biggest in their range.

This painting tool is very useful!

RC-ART rims are another great brand, these SSR style are another set that add variety.

Kazama rims were always a favourite. Ive had a lot of these GSX-R rims 

the RAYS 57 Extreme are another good looking rim from kazama. 

 Range in offset and face for different purposes.

These are a fun set for playtime.

At the beginning of RWD setups,  these rims were used to get more lock without binding. But there's no use for these anymore.

@26mm wide, you need a 13mm scrub radius for Maximum Lock (including your HUB) So if your hub
is 5mm then an 8mm offset will give almost 80degrees of steering lock.

It's that simple.

So almost all my rims are around  +9mm for use with a 4mm hub. But these MST were modded to be +14 for those wide rear ends.  

11 all round can be a but much. 

So a lot of my recent MST purchases are +9/+11 combos

I like these MST RID as they show of brake setups very well.

Some old and some new.

+9 Miesters also good from MST.

black chrome is about as chrome as I can handle.

G35 is made for the R35. MST have a great range and good colours.

FXX are another option.

I have 2 more sets unphotographed, but fitted to chassis.

 MST grinders.

Scale dynamics TE37 V

But I need more... Is that stupid.? Rhetorical question.

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