Monday, March 12, 2018

RE-Xtreme Projects

Ideas... Reality... Fake Reality. Let's see what happens.

ADDICTION'S first venture into a Full Body Set is different to what you think.

Instead of trying to mould the whole body in one piece, they have taken their approach to other ABC hobby collaborations and the result uses 3 sheets of lexan to mould multiple components that must be assembled into the Perfect Body AD-PB-1 Mazda RX-7 FD3s ROCKET BUNNY.

 The box is stuffed full and bulging.

Body, Aero bumper, Aero Fenders, Rear Wing, Bonnet, 3 sets of Light options, Rear Diffuser, Front Under Panel,

infact the main body is typically whats left of a body when adding fenders and engine bay anyway.

Pandora AE86 and  Pandora Silvias with inner sets and engine bays are very similar builds

but that's not all ...

The First Press Limited release includes an additional sheet moulded into a interior parts set with dash, cage and door panels. So the 15000 yen price is really quite reasonable.

a set of mirrors (i have about 5 sets of tamiya mirrors laying around) is about all i need.

I have 3 to build so the first will be Sexy Knights style.

Project 2 is this Pandora SA22C. PAB-183 to be exact. 

Unlike the RB this one had to be trimmed within the first 5 minutes. it's large and can accommodate 198mm with ease.

This should kick off the RX7 theme for the first build of the year.

With a reference back to  2011 when i build this crazy FD3s I'll bring the RED / Black theme

ADVAN style will be high on the short list. A twin build on the cards.

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