Sunday, June 10, 2018

Cooli Rocks 1

All about the feel. Refresh your love for cars.


Yeah, the only park it will fit in.

Designers used to have lots to play with.

And cars were different around the world.

When times were free of rules.

Ahh, the gemini memories

Big dollar builds

And big dollar re-builds

More power than you can hope to control with this steering wheel.

Practical circle worker 

period correct is harder to recreate than you think..

When porsche and the volkswagen were twins



convertibles of the time in all colours.

 cooli rocks has things for all tastes. HR holden takes me back to the teenage years when these were a cheap hack.

Fezza for the Italian connection

UK classics for the rock and roll stars.

Elvis probably had something this big.

Massive boat for the road.

Boss Hogg Style

Still love these old stingrays too. the boat influence is there. 

 Style choices everywhere.

truck style.

Yee haaa! Smoke em.

This would do for a beater.

Battle of the Aussie icons, albeit a few years apart.

Jag hag.,

And a stang under the sky.

Croc top.

crock skin paint.

When stock 60's power wasn't so good, there are many options.

Even when they don't fit. Make it. Round hole... square peg.

Final post in this series ... I couldn't decide. People or not.

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