Tuesday, June 26, 2018

RE-Xtreme FD3S Addiction

RE-Xtreme started from inspiration for the lines of the FD3s and I have owned 3 real machines of that chassis designation.

With the release of the most realistic shape so far via the Addiction RC Perfect Body Series, it's finally time to create some eXtreme RC versions.

This one is complete... NOT!

 With 44 distinct lexan parts to disect. this will be a long process. And I have 3 of them. 130 odd cuts.

I really needed to study the instructions. As these kits like the Sfida GT-R and ABC versions get more complicated. You can't rush anything. 

Still happy with my 1 slice techniques.

The first 3 parts are in place.

Only 41 to go. then about 4 weeks of masking... hahaha.

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