Monday, June 11, 2018

Customize or Restorize adVENTure

Customize or Restore? its an adventure.

This piece struck a little nerve at cooli rocks, and while I was photographing.

I noticed a face behind the grille. Customising to the limit.

Some like the engine, but showing or hiding is a balance.

Cars or planes.

Birds of a feather.

Stand alone.

No points, but someone will know all of these.

As they change over time

And change with body style.

Shake and Bake.

Decoration or Function

Who cares. Curves are fun.

Reflections and contrasts.

 Paint and stickers

Chrome , paint and Badging

I'm a big fan of the wasted space for design in these US beasts.

A lot of space  means accents on display.

Expression is individual. I'm sure this wasn't like this from the ford factory.

But you don't need to flaunt it if you don't want to.

 Stunningly stock.

and stunningly not. bags to go.

Cover one eye and take another look.

1970 Z/28 is a favorite for sure. So sharp and deadly. Admiring cars as cool before I was born.

 Regulations creep in but try to avoid that repetition, it can be boring. 

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