Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Lets Go... First Time at Vega.

After a 33km drive from central Tokyo you arrive at the Ebisu minami inspired VEGA circuit.

Not many of us run at Vega regularly and the theme here is competition style.

While my friends started out with a bit of angle

there aren't many people here running the outside line except in one or two corners.

Corner entries may be 90 degree, but corner exits are typically dead straight exits meaning you start winding off the lock immediately after turn in.

the action can be close. depends on your finger and how much traction you can generate.

It's something I have learned to do, so the speed component is no issue. more the 90 degree part is where my chassis wasn't playing ball. I found the issue about 2 hours in, where on full lock the yokomo brake disks I had bought were binding on the lower knuckle ball joint. and front braking for me.  wasted a lot of time on that.

Anyway, this is what you want to see. the downhill run through Ebisu hump into the big high speed entry...

Yes it's fun and very very addictive.

Sometimes you are slightly tight and sometimes slightly wide

The aim is to be sideways over the hump which means having the speed earlier on.

A good example.

A bit late, but it depends if you are playing catch up or just chucking it in...

I was having a lot of fun here.... But taking shots is something I had to force myself to do.

I forget most of the time.

Those of you that love the tight circuits with endless door to door find circuits like this a bit boring, especially if your chassis is not tuned for it.

you end up playing catchup , which can be done easily.

Or it's better to set the pace and create some "anxious" moments with guys on your hammer.

Yes run anything.

1000hp vs 200hp

has the same effect.

ZUN ZUN's Pandora Demo S14 was looking awesome. Pity my photography wasn't/

Ferrari Vs

Drift S15.

Spring tuning is important here.

Galleries from VEGA...

Gallery 1 - Before I arrived

Gallery 2 - GCRCD S13

Gallery 3 - GCRCD S13 and fantastic more.

Next blog entry...more to come from the "PROs"

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