Wednesday, March 20, 2019


M-Size Chassis Drift with some friends is one reason I took the Mini Van.

My Drift package RF based machine. and My friends alloy YD2 based machine.

There were 4 of us in M chassis plus a few others battling the van.

When you are chased, you get a boot in the rear quarter.

Or a spear in the window  or a Sword chopping your wing off

It's fun.

Gallery 4 - GCRCD Ninja Turtle Van and Mini Chassis laughter.

Soo much fun on the 2nd test circuit that's bigger than any of the circuits of driven on in the last year.

It's great when my RC friends get together. The old MAX-ONE crew and a few more new guys, I'm sure we will run again in the future.


Battle beasts.

My machines ... now to be rebuilt completely.

In search of that easy special tune.


New friends. Thank you!

ZUN ZUN's Flavour

And my Chiba based buddies.

It was a great day at VEGA

Gallery 5 - More of the shoots

I have a couple of product posts to come.

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