Sunday, January 3, 2010

NiMh Vs LiPo Batteries

Should I stick to cheap NiMh or go for Lithium Polymer LiPo or Li-Poly batteries (LiFePo4)

LiPo batteries have evolved from Lion technology, with the electrolyte held in a solid polymer composite, eliminating the need for a metal casing; replacing it with a flexible polymer foil casing, resulting in a lighter battery, that can be shaped. Lipo technology offers the advantages of reduced cost of production, 20% increased energy density over Lion, and increased resistance to physical damage - i.e they are more robust.

Less Weight = Speed.  Go Go Lipo...

But I've read unless you treat them well.  Li-po = Fire?

Some reading here

Extract... "Why do some people hate them. Well they can catch on fire if they discharge too low and they can catch on fire if over charged. So if you do not have the correct chargers with lipo balancers, then I encourage you to stick with NiMh or NiCd batteries."

Some needed products... Yikes???

Well, without having to pay more cash again for a new charging system to overcome the above issues and battery packs around double the price, it's pretty expensive transition.

And with already (what I consider) pretty good performance from Orion Sport Power 3300 7.2V NiMH  for $20 each. Should I invest? I don't use my car that regularly anyway ...

So for me let's stick with NiMh for the time being.

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  1. Lipo battery is more powerful then the Nimh Battery. Lipo battery give the always good performance. Most of public take this battery.



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