Sunday, July 25, 2010

Aki's R33 Replica.

Sunlight shows the lines best.

There are a couple of minor points. Two join lines in the body could never be removed. These are unfortunate, but don't upset things too much.

Rear curves are unmistakable R33. Stovetop "What's cooking" rear lights are the best of the GT-R series.

Lines are fat, round and smooth.

Lights look really good. I am glad I invested in the light buckets.



  1. Where i can buy one? o_O it's so nice ...

  2. Very Rare,

    Last one I sold the body for $150.
    They come up sometimes. Tamiya Fair last year had a few.
    If I find another I'll pick it up for sale.


  3. where do you get these lightbuckets from???It seems like tamiya or yokomo jaw just dropped!hehehe

  4. Blitz ER34 lights (slightly Modified.)
    R33 decal affixed on top of the bucket. then install. Easy.


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