Friday, July 23, 2010

Aki's Tamiya GT-R BCNR33 - Complete!

Here is the target. Aki's R33. (here running stock rims.)

Straight off the gun, (can) the GT-R BCNR33 immediately looked amazing!

I couldn't wait. The paint dried in about 5 seconds today in 35+ heat so it's baked on for sure.

I stickered it up and the details started to appear.

Rear looks great! Very GT-R.

Massive HPI RAYS RE-30 are a bit bigger scale than the real ones, but this is an RC car. They are meant to be Extreme!

Here is the finished item. Hunkering down with lowered body. Maybe I'll cut the front lip, It is a bit over the top... we shall see what the owner thinks.

Now it tuned out so well that I went the extra step and fabricated some lights. The original stickers were not up to grade. R33 lights do not exist. So what to do? ER34 yokomo buckets were located. They were then hacked and then the R33 stickers layed on the front and supported with som black covered lexan.

The result is very realistic. I'll take some pics in the sun tomorrow. I impressed myself with this one..


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