Sunday, July 4, 2010

Aki's Tamiya TA-02 GT-R BCNR-33

Recently I've been working on this.

It's a Loctite GT-R JCTC R33 from Tamiya made in 1995. It comes with a TA-02 Chassis

My friend has an awesome R33 and he likes to have some replica's to stare at when he's not on the track, so when I found the kit, he jumped on it. These are rare these days and let's face it. Static models "Bite Balls" sometimes. So it should be more fun.

Now, he is not hooked on RC yet, so I just installed my old Sanwa gear and gave it a test.

It still works kind of... (no reverse though) HAHA.

His car runs RE-30 and the HPI ones are super cool so I repainted them in his colour. The brush works better here to create the rays powder coat look.

Cool cool cool Tyres are RE-11

Cool... Although Aki doesn't run a deep splitter.........YET!!!!!! I left the bootom on the body, because It always looks groovy and it can be trimmed anytime. Likewise I have a spare GT-Wing that may temporarily grace the lines.

Chassis test was good with yokomo tyres. It drifts at low speeds well. Needs some playing with settings and more steering angle to be great though. Anyway that's not really the intention for the chassis. Maybe some HPI grip tyres will be better. We all like speed anyway.

Stay tuned for paint maybe two weeks away though until these GTR Stickers are applied.

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