Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RWB 993 RC Progress

Well the RWB 993 Porsches are proving to be a pain in the ass.

The slow progress of smoothing the fenders, filling the holes in the wings, painting the drivers printing the interior details etc

I know it's not far away, but details take time.


Here are some progress details.

Drivers are Tamiya LHD racing drivers. I don't recommend these at all, PS paint doesn't stick to them at all, so rather than paint and mask. I had to paint the base, then do the rest by hand. .


I'm going to use black as a base. 1. Because the green needs a solid background and the grey is so thin, I'll need to be able to see what I'm covering. It will also blend other areas where paint has become thick.

The bodies are going to be heavy because there's about 5 layers of paint and putty etc but who cares.

So 1 car is almost finished.

But the other still needs to be masked and puttied. I'm going to get stuck in tomorrow and see what I can finish.

ps. new engine detail.

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