Friday, September 15, 2017

GCRCD 20170916 Supporters

GCRCD Sliders bringing some supporters close on track. 

And enjoying the action.

R32 in use today... We had a brief run on the outside concrete, but got bored real quick without any "track" or goals. The plastic Yokomo Drift Package goes anywhere.

Recently we have been narrowing up the track even more with temporary "People barriers" and flags etc.

These two laps were so similar, I spliced the camera footage together and you can't notice any line change. Start Wide and build speed with limited angle.

Stay on the power through the curve.

then throw it side ways as you enter "The Gate"

Massive angle dialed in... back on the power.

and line up the front of the car near our supporters.

lean wheel "on the white line."

Brake and  Accelerator dancing

Red Rag to a Bull... Ole! Have confidence... Tune your car... but most important .. Concentrate.

While I charged a battery, these two were battling on the "D1" line.

Pink machine with a new driver. 

Both guys practicing Big Entries.

Skill level is UP!

On this line it's not easy the get side by side because the speed is quite high and accelleration out of the previous corner dictates the end result.

While sometimes not close enough for the same camera frame. 

Both were looking pretty good. Just kitting the Curb lifts the front end.

get it right and the crowd goes wild!!!!

A fun morning.

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