Saturday, September 16, 2017

GCRCD 20170917 Pracky

Always up for some practice...

Too much front downforce means the bumper is removed often.

Much more forgiving.

I'll link a couple of vids on the book of faces,

But... When I wasn't driving, some shots were looking good.

There is a reason why the LEXUS, MX5, GT86 and Nissan Z are popular in Formula D.

And this is it.

at 45 degrees, the rear overhang means you can get soooooooooooo much closer to any wall.

the Chaser has to lessen angle just to fit.

So too in RC, you get more space to play.

And this is another prime example. Now that is the "Outside line!!!!!"

It was fun to watch these Overdose tuned machines.

Practice the angle, Practice the Line, Practice the Speed.

200 laps, Everyone still standing...!

Level up!

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