Friday, September 29, 2017

GCRCD 20170929 TUTOR

A quiet night means some personal training tutorials.

But first some updates, S13 now running DP-REX Roll Chassis Setup (previously ISF).

S13 running Silver beast. but of these two Yokomo Drift Package based machines. Ive been using the plastic beast a lot recently. 

The plastic version is light and simply easy to drive for hours in a train emulating a 350hp machine. 

The Silver DP is a ROLL based setup and is another world. Super aggressive yet realistic 1000+ hp style.

With my DRB REW moving under the GTR35 I thought I might loose some performance, but that is not the case. the DP has come alive with the S13 Aero.

Some very good balance and speed in the DP now.  

While the REW didn't enjoy the extra downforce at the front of the S13, the DP-REX was loving it. 

But ... Tonight with just a couple of us. I set about some skill building. 

Within about 2 hours, I had my pupil moving from spins and struggle to lap after lap of ON LINE ANGLE. I was able to sit behind at angle with ease and confidence.

Finding the "RWD driving style" is just as important as the chassis setup. Can't wait for some more track action.

But all too quickly the lights came out and time ran out. 

Only left to dream... until next time.

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