Saturday, September 9, 2017

GCRCD - Super Staurday Sizzle

Teaming with Sliders. A fun time to have.

R32 Low Style Dantai Project

with lots of Side by Side

And a whole lot more.

R32s are still in good shape 2 years on.

The track itself is generating great imagery too.

I added a few more peeps around the place.

But it's the action that gets you hooked.

Close indeed. 

Some new debuts.

And old can be new.

Always the similar machines pull the battle style.

Close is as close does.

Blurry can still be cool.

R32 machines = 7

2 doors or 4

 GT-R or GT

Many colour combos

Sometimes on the same machine. Is it pink?

or green?

Green wheels?

And Pink?

Gold and Purple... Royal colours.

Only one Kuso 86 Project runner tonight.

but enter the S13s and GCRCD Sliders 2017 liveries.

Everyone started to change over.

after some great trains and fun battles.

RSG, AS, JD, TD, NF, JR, MF, DG meant 8 GCRCD Sliders cars on track.

Ready for action./

Colours are not as mixed as the R32s but they create a great image on track.

Sil 80 - Soon to have another member in Red.

My own machine still handling the many many small impacts.

It was certainly great to be part of.

More driving than photography.

so I grabs some shots right at the end.

Yep, there will be imagery



That was the Sliders Super Saturday Sizzle Session

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