Saturday, May 26, 2018


Sometimes it's cool to see some Ol School.

Having owned a real 1:1 Datsun 1600 and a Celica TA23 in the past, It's good to see those memories. 

While these days I'd definitely want a car with airconditioning and some luxuries. the appeal of old tech is still there.

Pandora have done a great job in their numerous body lineup. They just never seem to stop.

Celica's and datsun are a good match.

Bellet is also another blast from the past. 

Yep Pandora ER34 4 door Skyline. 

Cruising on the inside

Before the Big entry and wide line.

E30's these days are still looking good. 

And then there's some more comp style. 

Even though this shot is blurry in the low light conditions, this body I made about 4 years ago is still looking good. Debut of D1 Scheme

Usukani PDS - definitely worth the recommend. 

and some 86 action.

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