Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Real Car Replication

So how close can you get to replicating your Real Car history. ? These days pretty close.

For me replicating my real 20+ cars is pretty do-able, because they were mostly JDM and Japan is where most manufacturers are. I've left a couple of family cars out , but I could easily add a KE corolla and a Mini , Commodore and a few other race cars and regularly driven JDM "company" cars like an AE86, R32 and FD3s that I drove more that some cars I owned outright. 

I wondered how close I could get to my real car mix of JDM sports and small cars?

Replicable?   Vehicle Closest Available Brand
Yes Holden Gemini Coupe Opel Cadet Coupe Racers Paradise
Yes Toyota Celica TA23 Coupe Toyota Celica TA22 Coupe Pandora | ABC Hobby M
No Ford Laser aka Mazda Familia N/A
Yes Datsun 1600 4 Door Datsun Bluebird Pandora | ABC Hobby M
Yes Mazda FC3S Rx7 Zenki Mazda FC3s RX7 Kouki Pandora
Yes Subaru GC WRX Impreza 4 door Subaru GC8 WRX Impreza22b Pandora
Yes Toyota MR2 SW20 GT Toyota MR2 SW20 GT ABC Hobby
Yes Mazda FC3s RX7 Kouki Mazda FC3s RX7 Kouki Pandora
Yes Mazda NA Mx5 Mazda NA Mx5 Pandora | ABC Hobby M | Tamiya M
Yes Toyota Civic EK9 Hatch Toyota Civic EK9 ABC Hobby
Yes Mazda Fd3s RX7 Zenki   Mazda Fd3s RX7 Zenki ABC Hobby 
Yes Toyota Vitz Hatch Toyota Vitz Hatch ABC Hobby M
Yes Mazda Fd3s RX7 Kouki  Mazda Fd3s RX7 Kouki ABC Hobby | Pandora | Tamiya
No Mazda NC1 Mx5 N/A
Yes Mazda Fd3s RX7 Kouki Mazda Fd3s RX7 Kouki ABC Hobby | Pandora | Tamiya
No Nissan Micra K11 Nissan March K11 ABC Hobby M
No Mazda NC1 Mx5 N/A Pandora
Yes Mazda ND Mx5 Mazda ND Mx5 Extreme Plastics | Tamiya M
?? Next

How close can you get?

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