Saturday, May 19, 2018

RE-Xtreme SA22C Debut

A quick cage and dash build  readied the SA for debut.

This body is not a show winner, just a basher, but I still wanted a good look to it.  Pipes exhaust filled in a corner. Tow hook and Tokyo Shinagawa number plate. ma . . . 7.

RX7 Rotary Turbo GT-X

I wanted to get that burgundy plastic and velour feel, but with a sportier edge. so a red dash and cage were thrown together from poly-carbonate leftovers.

While not super scale, it's the contrast that the flat white shell needed.

Big camber accommodates the +10 offset Street Jam longchamps and the front bumper stay was cut to accommodate the lower edge of the deep bumper 

Off to the track. Broz Toyz,

Stay tuned for some video.

It was a rotor fest today. Parked up with my FD3s and

awesome battles with Rid in the Sex Spec FD.

 A great afternoon of eye-smashing concentration.


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