Saturday, July 21, 2018


 I felt the need to blow out some cobwebs.

 Reset the Kazama GSX-REX for some thrash. Ride Height Up, Tyre change and drive train reset.

Target is a huge asphalt course...

I also prepped the FWD MX5 and I packed in some Rubber tyres for use on the Drift package.

Wooo hooo! Speed and space.

huge long corners. 

trying a bit of crazy action.

As usual when you head to high stress and high impact asphalt, you have to be prepared to break stuff.

the check list for 30mins...

1 set up tyres ... now extremely worn.
rear hub - broken
Pinion and Spur - damage from stone pickup
sus damage from dropping a screw.
Super scratched carbon plate

But its a different world. Space still had me searching for lines. the outside lines on this track are more abrasive as it's not the racing line.

Need to do some work here to clean up a bit.

But I had a lot of fun outdoors and full bore.

D-Like style body movement also rewarding to watch. 

Squat and dive, change of direction... super fun!

Effects of thrashing are obvious

Tyre wear is a given. Chopped and cambered

Some rubbing from excess roll.

But this was just a lack of care and prep.

I did try some rc race with my DP. 5% gyro and rubber tyres... also fun, but high stress and concentration.

5 minutes of attack... tyre starting to be thin. camber not set for grip.

Damage also up from chassis roll and other craziness.

irregular meets may be coming, but I think that's the last we shall see of the Rubber equipped drift package / MRTC(2) for a while.

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