Tuesday, July 10, 2018

.RSG. RE-Xtreme RC Livery

Getting close to a final layout for the RE-Xtreme versions of the Addiction FD3s. 

RE-Xtreme RC has long used the names from Japanese culture.

Samurai Red
Tsunami Blue
Typhoon Silver

later adding

Ninja Black
Kin no Yoroi Gold Armour  to my chassis productions. These relate well to liveries that can vary by colour only to change up the portfolio.

I'm pretty set on one FD3s wearing a military inspired stormy flat grey Typhoon scheme. Decanting and mixing tamiya PS colours in the airbrush always requires a bit of trial and error but I think I can get some good colour through the gun.

The Tsunami inspired liveries are very close to my RE-Amemiya heart. That RE-Amemiya blue in all it's hues including the duck egg blue still brings on the inspiration and memories of D1 and Time attack when I was based in Japan.

Speaking of RE-Amemiya, in the past I dabbled with time attack inspiration.

Now the gold machines wear an armour to match, albeit a shade brighter in this case. 

Finally, the dark side of the ninja.

As my 3 cars are Silver and black, one selection will be Ninja style flat black with chrome and gloss highlights.

As stated above one will be grey and that leaves a 3rd, I think white with Samurai Red highlights will mix well.

Now the final steps of mask production and the painful task of masking and paint for the first one.

What colour will that be?

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