Tuesday, October 3, 2017

GCRCD 20171003 - Battle

Time for a Slide...


Get that practice in

Thrash it!

Bash it

but get ready to Bring IT!

Some nice smooth trains can light the fire...

In clip vs Apex - there's a big difference.

The "regular" direction at GCRCD sees the wide line often driven.

The use the "Power Alley" at the back of the course, to start a long long reducing radius 360 degree corner.

provided the lead car starts the drift early, you can link the entire section at that magic proximity.  

Full Attack! Brakes on... Dropping back for the Switch.

Not the other direction of GCRCD has a few options where we take a second S curve. But as the driver level has gone up, by far the most challenging to master is THE HUMP!

You can see here how your suspension MUST WORK to get this line consistently.

We build speed out of the hairpin, take a near straight full speed entry, then initate with a strong "Feint" across the track.

 This will launch Sideways over the HUMP at full speed before immediately getting on the brakes for a maximum braking downhill entry,

there's a very small margin for error here. Barriers, bumps, trees, go too far and there's a pole, go too shallow and the grass will beach you.

How much angle you can grab is millimeter specific timing.

From 45.... is pretty easy once you get the feel for it.

But getting some +90 entry here is flirting with danger.

 FULL ATTACK shots like this require being very close 12 meters beforehand.

PRINT THAT... ! If we can get one or two this close we are very happy for the short session.

Due to the high risk, high damage, this is not a regular line and requires a quiet track or "competition" two car only setup.

But when we get it right... the oohs and Ahhs are audible.

S13+ Top Motor Roll chassis - Drift Package RE-X is working well.

Some maintenance would make it better, So I'll make time for that.

Until next time...


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