Friday, March 12, 2010

Full Counter Casteration!

Yokomo have released 7degree caster front hub carriers for the Drift package. I like the note in the pack.
But if you fit the TS-2109 extended angle bell cranks, you need to modify the hubs. I didn't feel like spending extra $30 for those.

Parts themselves are nothing special but you will notice I never pay full price, these were 580 retail -> reduced to 518yen. In Japan the RC shops compete for business and do huge volume sales, so prices drop around 15%.

They also have to compete with huge department stores that offer 20% loyalty point systems. The smaller shops can't survive...


Here is the install. The spacers must be moved to accomodate these.
And the result is more edge grip.

I'm yet to try these, but I have a few days off, so I'm sure they get a workout. I'm going to try and align the chassis properly this week in the pursuit of perfect FULL COUNTER DRIFT!



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