Friday, March 5, 2010

HPI Final Touches and FCD testing.

Have a look at the back of my HPI FD3s and you will see a few additions. My new Diffuser is looking awesome!

You can see how its set up here. There's a good sweep in the diffuser and many strakes to create some vortexes for reduced drag... If you need that for drift???

I just can't pick it up easiliy anymore... careful careful.

I also added my left over canards up front. But I think that the car looked better before. I also misplaced the centre hole, so they aren't so great.

You can see the bend... hehe.. I also swapped over my active light kit from my old Black Yokomo FD3s, so this is now complete.... maybe.

The last thing I did today, was change the toe setting on the car. I now have more control with the new FCD setup. It's pretty awesome actually. It's amazing what a degree or two will do to these cars.

They  repainted the pavement near my house. Grips up well on the blue paint.

Woo hoo!


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