Monday, March 22, 2010

Yokomo 01R2 Tyre

This Yokomo Full Counter Drift (FCD) stuff is getting out of control.

New D-Max chassis, New Diff Gears, Castor Arms, Extra steering control arms for more angle, etc etc.
It is much more difficult to control the cars.

With massive camber 6~8 degrees required to get the most out of the car. Yokomo's SUPER CRAP! 01R tyres last about 2 minutes on the inner edges. The softer HPI tyres are MUCH MUCH better.

I saw today, they finally released the NEW Yokomo width ZeroOneR2 tyres to provide users with some form of control as castor changes with a rounder design. But there is still a catch to make you buy more. They have a small spacer to keep them thin, especially near the edge, so they will still wear out fast even though they claim long life.

It looks like they may fit HPI bigger diameter wheels too. Not sure. I guess I'll have to buy these too anyway.

More money. More money.

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