Tuesday, March 2, 2010

FCD - First impressions

OK, First impressions are crazy!

The car is now almost impossible to drive in a straight line. The imbalance in drive forces the car into crazy spins.

Also VERY noticable is the decrease in traction. I'm not running too much camber at the moment, so to counter this with Yokomo Drift tyres, I am going to have to run serious camber. Around 7 degrees to allow the inner edges of the tyres to get traction. 

Thats the next step for me, play with the settings.

It seems to hold the drift a lot easily though when you are sideways, but I believe you also need a lot more space. A small course has you at mid throttle and this is not good. You need to be wide open all the time. So that means small tight courses (like my practice course) are not so great.

Places like Yatabe Arena in Japan are huge.

I'll get there.

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