Monday, March 22, 2010

More or Less~ in Control

The full counter Drift coversion is quite a challenge.

Today, I was trying two tryes. TE37 with HPI Drift tyre & Advan RS with Yokohama 01 tyres.
Also testing new 7deg Caster knuckles and rear wide axles.

Before, I could pull the car out of a corner with power AWD.  But now you have to set up for the corner much more. The line is very important. As is braking. Braking to enter the corner, much like the E-Brake is required to slow the car. Not the resistance of the AWD. So it requires a mind set change.

Something I haven't conquered yet. Keep trying. The odd time I get it all right, its great. It's good watching the front wheels keep opposite lock.

The new axles really allow the car to look awesome. The spacing is perfect.
HPI tyres have much more grip and that means control, however the car is always fighting grip and the with Full Counter Drift techniques you need loads more full throttle. I've noticed battery life considerably reduced.


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