Tuesday, December 15, 2015

GCRC Tues Play #1

Battle Training... @ GCRC,

Lead or follow... just get it on!

Get your proximity in Check...

TIGHT doesn't even describe how close battles are these days.

One two three four five or more.

Or maybe you are just a single... There's something to practice.

This picture shows driver's age with a 45 year spread. Maturity and youth.

I wish I still had those youthful reflexes.

V8 vs V86

Both running awesome!

What are you looking at?

Brock Commodore is setup for some fun driving.

Battle ready!

My V8 Cruiser features $1.50c light kit.  Xmas time has lots of bargains.

Diving into the loop section.

And the high speed exit.

There wasn't much break time for me tonight.

Happy to lead and let the others knock on the door a little. Note: Pliers a temporary weight solution.

Stay tuned for part II.

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