Friday, December 4, 2015

R32 Low Style - Team Projects

More Projects! Yes indeed.

starting point

We love the low down style of the A Bo Moon R32 team. (botom right) So a few of us at GCRC decided to create some similarly inspired machines for team drift action based on the main elements of Low style and Flamed R32s 

3 lined up...

My R32 will be completed with some Street Jam or Spice TE37 and stanced to scraping levels. 

I'll be finishing it off with an Uras rear drag wing and a few other items.

The six members with machines under construction include 3x 2-door BN Sports Pandora R32 and 3x 4-Door BN Sports Pandora R32

3x 2 door machines under the knife.

While A Bo Moon dictate a Blue R32 base, There will be a couple in blue liveries, but we have opened up the colour range. For my machine, this Black and Red livery will be settling into the drift train.Yellow and orange will also brighten up the train.

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