Monday, December 21, 2015

R32 Low Style Team Project - ".RSG."

Well, my beast is just about done. With the exception of only minor details.

Introducing. RE-Xtreme R32 Low Style Team Project - ".RSG."

Even though theres a whole bunch of cool in these shells we've been building recently. They're actually pretty plain. 

No overfenders or 1800 parts to attach. Just your basic body and intercooler. The wing was about the most time consuming thing to make. 

With 6 cars on the build at the same time. It's easy to spread the workload. 

I'm happy with the result. These machines were built to be driven in tandems or trains of 6 cars. so there will definitely be some panel rubbing the first time they are on track. 

So I haven't really bothered making everything perfect. It's the overall image I'm chasing.

LOW STYLE influence from A~BO~MOON in Japan. With our own colours and style. I have Hachi Roku rear tail lights in the front of mine.Projector beams will be attached soon.

Track debut tuning ... soon... 

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