Monday, December 28, 2015

Super Real Parts. More is More.

The sum of details equates to a realistic machine. I've slowly been adding to the R32. Tow hooks, number plate and now... Super Real Parts Door Handles.

An awesome addition.

Stock Pandora handles are nothing special. A rough outline is all you get.

Super real parts recently supplied us with some samples for the MAS-X-DRIFT competition. The detail is great. the handles come with separate lock barrels that are inserted later. I also have an aerial that will be added to another machine.

I tried not to zoom in too much because you don't really need items to stand out. you just need details to "look right"

As I had already painted the body I used some tape to act as the reference. Using the outer edge of the line is required.

the side of the car looks correct. You notice them only when you look. That's the sign of good detail.

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