Tuesday, December 8, 2015

MAS - X - DRIFT Prep.

Spent a little time tonight prepping for some Xmas Drift Feeling.  MAS - X - DRIFT is coming on the 22 Dec.

MAS - X - DRIFT is GCRC's Tuesday Night Twin Drift Xmas Party.

Event Schedule...

5:00 pm Registration and setup session.

6:00 pm RE-Xtreme Cardboard Fantasy Body Contest.
              X-mas theme body outrageous body shell with decorations.

6:30 pm Supr Real Parts with DAGUL  Low Stance Body Contest.
             Focus on low stance and perfect fitment.
             Red, White and Green Body Shells eligible for contest awards.

7:00 pm Open Session and Twin Drift Practice.

8:00pm Twin Drift Competition

8:30pm Night Mode drift session.

I've temporarily draped some lights around the track. For a short session, this should be good.

Long night sessions are bad on your eyes, so the limit is for the last 30 minutes or so.

There's enough light to see, but it doesn't hurt to have some more Xmas lights on your own car.

 P!PES light kit doing a good job. 4beam headlights and supplementary neon looking good.

Lining the sweeper the imagery is good.

Hope to see you there.

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