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RE-XTREME RC DRB-REW Conversion Chassis

RE-Xtreme RC Rear Evolution Weight-Shift chassis conversion set for Yokomo DRB. 

Strong response from the initial prototype has led to a very limited production of 10 chassis sets. 

The design is a flexible platform for RWD conversion.

I have targeted this conversion at those already with a full tune 4wd DRB or those already having converted their DRB to RWD but not finding the balance they require.   

Two versions include SSG and Black Twill carbon. Both are the same spec, however due to variance in raw materials, the Twill is slightly thicker and therefore slightly more rigid.

Design image has been kept in line with the later range of Yokomo HT chassis, providing a link to the original.

Silver Surface Graphite chassis set includes components that focus on flexibility of design and a change in weight distribution.The components fall into two categories.

Rear Conversion Components
These components convert the current DRB to a rear motor layout.

2.5 mm Carbon Lower Deck
2.0 mm Carbon Upper Deck
2.0 mm Battery Mount

Weight Shift Components 
These components follow the current trends in D1 to allow higher ride height and longer stroke suspension taking advantage in chassis weight shift pitch and roll for a more dynamic chassis.

5.0 mm ( 2.5mm x 2 ) Bulkhead Spacer Set ( 5pcs Motor / Pulley / Centre / BulkHeads )
3.0 mm Carbon Front Shock Tower
2.0 mm Carbon Front Upper Arm Support
3.0 mm Carbon Rear Shock Tower
2.0 mm Carbon Bulkhead Support (2PCS)
Can be used with normal DRB Chassis.

RWD Specific parts.
2.0 mm Carbon Wiper Extension set

27 piece carbon set. (note, type c support brace not pictured)
4x Carbon battery spacers and 17x12mm / 4x30mm stainless screw set.

Due to flexibility of the RWD component choices, 

.RSG. Design Rear Evolution Weight Shift Conversion Set Features.

2.5 mm Carbon Lower Deck 

DRB Suspension Locations FF / FR 
Drift Package Suspension locations FF / FR  (Including Separate)

MULTI Steering Position Support though to Upper Deck (Spacers required)
Drift Package Wiper Position (main chassis to upper deck)
GRK Slide Rack Position (main chassis to upper deck)
Lateral Servo Location for Drift Package / GRK
DRB Rear Bias Left for Normal Position Servo
DRB Rear Bias Right for Twin Servo

DRB Suspension Locations RF / RR
Drift Package Suspension locations RF  (Including Separate) / RR
Drift Package Diffuser Location

Increased Spacing for Spur Clearance ** (REV Motor Direction )
Recommended Setting ...  10T / 45T Belt Pulley ** (NOR Motor Direction)

2.0 mm Carbon Upper Deck
MULTI Steering Position SUPPORT Upper Deck as above plus
DRB Wiper Positions for Standard Location *
DRB Long Wiper Position for Reversed Location
* optional through Bulkhead Ackerman adjustment requires additional turnbuckle
Upper Deck Fan Mounting Position
Antenna location
Slot for various adjustable accessory mounting.
Between Bulkhead optional servo location.

2.0 mm High Battery Mount 
Weight positioned directly over the rear wheels.
Mounting holes for DRB Battery holder
Short Lipo Spacer or additional spacers recommended for rear tower clearance.

2.0 mm Carbon Wiper Extension set
High Angle DRB Wiper Extensions
Adjustable Ackerman  Support
3 Sets for user specification

2.0 mm Carbon Bulkhead Brace and Finisher (2PCS)
Increased Rigidity

2.0 mm Carbon front servo mount
Upside down mounted servo location possible (drift package wiper system required).

5.0 mm (2.5mm x 2) Bulkhead Spacer Set (5pcs Motor / Pulley / Centre / BulkHeads)
Complete Spacer Set for weight shift.
2.5mm or 5mm select-able

3.0 mm Carbon Front Shock Tower
Low Height for Body Clearance with Raised Bulkhead
Type C Upper Arm Locations
Increased Shock Stroke for Weight Shift
Increased Ride Height for ROLL, bound and Rebound

2.0 mm Carbon Front Upper Arm Support
Increased Rigidity and Accuracy

3.0 mm Carbon Rear Shock Tower
Through Bulkhead Battery Location
Larrge clearance for Large Rear Pulley to Reduce FDR
Low Height for Body Clearance with Raised Bulkhead
55mm Shock Length / 60mm Long Stroke Support
Type C Upper Arm Locations

DRB Rear Evolution Weight Shift Conversion Set Example Build.

The DRB REW is targeted towards the expert level and those already owning a DRB and therefore familiar with the layout. Some specifics of the DRB build are not included. Every chassis builder has their own method of building a chassis. Some starting with suspension mounts, others with engine components, This build is only to show the locations of components and should be used as a reference only.

Weight shift starts with raising the bulkheads. Using the longer screws provided, insert one or two spacers for 2.5mm or 5mm higher bulkhead. 5mm recommended.

U-shape front and rear supports and Motor / Pulley spacers are positioned in this image. Overdose and other brands of pulley mounting are supported.

Assembly with the normal 15T / 40T rear pulley sets are recommended for inital setting.
use the 15T 15T centre pulley combination for main pulley spacing.

Rear components can be placed next. in a later picture you will see this CS drive set replaced with a 40T ball differential.

Stabiliser brace or REW rear brace can be used in combination. rear diffuser position is also supported. 

front servo mount brace shown. Also... When using the TYPE 2 VIP front upper arm set, 1mm spacers are required.

This is due to the 1mm spacing of the front V2 bulkhead.

Type C brace is included for Type C conversion suspension. (not included) WUN Type I Upper arms with shafts are pictured.

GRK Slide rack supported.

Four positions on the upper deck.

DRB normal and reversed
Drift Package

Included wiper extensions can be used with your chosen steering wiper components.
Designed for DRB, but can also be used with drift package wipers for longer extension.

Customise to your needs.

Note: take care when connecting and removing ball ends. Too much force on these components will cause breakage. 

These two spacers are used with the bridge location

Battery tray assembly should be performed after drive components are installed.

Long screws and spacers should be used to support the battery tray. 18mm spacer is an alternative.

Battery mounted and suspension installed.

Support for Drift Package Overdose adjustable rear suspension is provided.

Note. these shocks have been extended with the use of a longer shock cap. as more droop is typically set in this weight shift setup, the full suspension stroke will be used. Of course final setting and track dependent settings are so variable.

I expect that no two DRB-REW will use the same components as these RWD yokomo conversions take on a similar direction as Drift Package conversions.

The original prototype currently in reverse wiper location.

these two machines use GRK slide rack and Yokomo wipers. different Supension Arms and knuckles so immediately settings are different. 

 Drift Package / DRB / GRK / WUN / OD and many other components have already been applied to these machines. 

NOTE:   Drive requires reverse motor direction. Consider a pulley setup if your ESC cannot support reverse motor direction.Changing to a pulley will keep the motor in original config.

To those who have indicated interest, chassis being readied for shipping.

If demand continues to be high, a second production run will be created.

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