Sunday, November 29, 2015

DoRi PaKe SeTo

What Chassis is that? Drift Package?  not really... Well, they used to be....

Underneath this one, WAS the cream of the early series drift package machines from 2006. Drift Package Drift Master Version. "MR-4TC SD LCG Drift" Mid-Rear motor, 4Wheel Drive Touring Car Shaft Drive Layered Carbon Graphite Chassis for Drift.  But only the main chassis and bulkheads remain.

Under this one is is a variation of the Drift Package MR-4TC SD CGM with some Type C and now probably falls into the Type C Plus category with some allow parts. The CGM version is a carbon graphite re-inforced plastic tub. Much stronger and more rigid than the plastic version. Now with some MSt and Yokomo RWD components. It's the least customized of the two.

more on drift package versions here..

So why can't you just use a normal Drift Package for RWD. The simple answer is the basic chassis does not have enough STEERING LOCK. How much do you need.? Plenty.

By plenty... this is what I mean by plenty. When the car is sliding at 90 degrees and past on a huge entry. Replicating a real D1 car's steering angle is fun. While you don't need this much all the time. It's good to have when you need it.

This plastic tub uses the long wipers from the Drift Package Rear drive conversion set purchased separately. Then I used MST plastic hubs and lower Y arms. This is THE CHEAPEST way to get the 4wd drift package to RWD. Note... The Type C is still the better base car as you can get away with only the wipers.

Ignore the blue supports and it's actually pretty stock.

Setting up a car like this takes patience to get the ackerman rod position and the length of the tie rods correct. But the wiper from Yokomo is so much easier to setup than a slide rack. The moving arc of the wiper creates clearance at the hub and the long throw gives more flexbility in setting.

I will still need to adjust slightly from here one it hits the track.

Don't forget to slow your return steering a little. Because if you can turn the wheels to this position too quickly. You will basically create a plough. Now that's a bit stupid to look at.

Here is a heavily modified Drift Master. I've used DRb and custom components, moved all the electrics to the rear and modified the front mounting points.... but... lower arms and knuckles are drift package  RWD conversion components and Slide rack is the Active Hobby style.

The rubber bands prevent the moving arc of knuckles passing the working linear range of the slide rack. there is no recovery from that. Using the mono shock creates space for the wheels to reach their full range without touching shocks. This is also a roll center modification.

Because I have not used standard components, it's become a little complicated. the position of the slide rack was not forward enough for correct ackerman. so extending the extensions was required. A Slide rack is not the worlds best option, it's just a different option. It was introduced to cs cars as a means to reduce play from steering components. But in fact, this rack has more play than the Drift Package Wipers. You may also get more bump steer with a slide rack also as the linear motion doesn't work well with large suspension travel.

If you run less than this angle you can still get reasonably good drift, but running more steering angle gives you the abilty to save a spin. Turning more means you will wash off speed, but allow the steering to catch the spin before returning to something more reasonable around 45 degrees and continuing on.

Remember, you can't run a constant radius corner with this much angle, you wont get anywhere near the forward drive you need but running fast into a massive angle entry, you will get the rewards.


These chassis started as Yokomo Drift Package chassis and there are 9 million parts out there to modify a drift package into something bespoke. Almost every RC drifter in Japan would have started with one and that's why they are the mainstay of Drift Conversions for RWD. After more than 10 years of production, Yokomo's new RWD components means that there is a lot more life left in the doripake.

With MST pushing the other manufacturers, the rwd scene is expanding.

More are coming.

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