Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A~BO~Muun + RE-Xtreme

A~BO~Moon style R32s are well known in Japan. These ones have been heavily influenced by the team.

The A~BO~Moon R32s are typically Blue 4 Door ER32 models. the RE-Xtreme team are a mix of 2 and 4 door models with the colour restrictions lifted. 

unfortunately, one member was absent, but we still have quite the group meet.

Slightly different rear end treatments. 

And a mix of individuality. These bodies have glitter all through them, and in the shade, they lose that bling, but still look impressive.

These 5 are all RWD machines. 1x D-Like RE-R, 2x Drift Line and 2x DRB-REW 

Thanks to the guys for running some .RSG. logos among the other logos. 

it's been great to see them all evolve.

This one is the latest addition. A definite replica of the lead machine.

Dori-Sen (Drift Line) Machines run Tamiya gearbox, Yokomo wipers, MST front end and everything else custom... A feature to come.   

finished with Top Line DRS-5 rims, the result is awesome.

The other Drift Line chassis runs a similar 4 door with grille removed.

This 4 door contains a D-Like RE-R Weight Shift Hybrid. These colours are close to some of the real machines.

I'll skim past my own chassis and body... described countless times before. 

Arynz Slider is one of the brighter machines and makes a great target.

Need a lap dance? Push the button at the rear and see what happens. 

Stay tuned for more... vids and train-ing

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