Wednesday, February 24, 2016

MID WEEK builds REW + R32

It all starts with a bunch of stuff lying around.

And then there's the paint project you should have finished ages ago.

My last DRB started as an interesting machine. 1.3 cs SSG chassis and a unique JDM setup.

The disassembled machine had seen much work with scoffed alloy, and simply dirty base.
This is the risk of used machinery.

My Build started with a black base. and the front end received some Wrap Up Next parts

Kondo Custom
Wrap Up Next 
0150-FD Kondo Custom HD Apper Arm Ver.II 4mm Shaft (red part number used as blue unvailable) 
0101-FD Kondo Custom Y Arm Ver.III 3mm (Blue Part Number) 
0179-FD Kondo Custom GX front Knuckle Ver.II (Black Part Number)
0079-FD Smart Axle Shaft 

New Overdose OD2130 Ball End Set easily clears the knuckles on full extension.
then you need some ball studs etc.

 doesn't take long to build these days. Front end needs bolting up... Ackerman not set.

I was forced to use an old DIB steering setup. And Sanwa SGS-01D is my choice. But MST 2.0 is favored by others.

So the reverse Moon machine is almost ready. A single night paint means it's rough, but thats just how it should be. About a week from now, it will be covered in sticks to match the others.

Tired... Maybe a holiday...

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