Saturday, February 20, 2016

.RSG. DRB-REW Kin-No-O-Yoroi!

DRB-REW Kin-No-O-Yoroi wears the Gold Armour

Start with black

Add some gold.  Lets bolt it together. Gold is that orange end of the gold spectrum but still awesome contrast against the black twill.

As always we start with static parts that form the backbone of the DRB. Weight shift spacers raise all bulkheads for more suspension travel, pitch and roll.

Then we add motor mount and pulley sets. 15-40 with an en-route rear spool. 18T is effectively just a spacer.

Adding the upper bulkheads and deciding on steering options.

Through bulkhead ackerman adjustment provides adaptability 

A few Team Suzuki legs and WUN Y arms.

And finally WUN VX knuckles and the .RSG. through tower battery tray.

With shocks still to be assembled. This checkpoint is a good place for a break.


  1. Just to check how to buy your chassis? MY DRB CHASSIS wob and l need to get a replacement. Are you still making new ones?

    1. I will have a few more soon. 1 April.


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