Sunday, February 14, 2016


Crank it up!

R32 Low Style Project.

Big Braking entries or going for the apex... it gets addictive.

One out deep attack in my DRB-REW. My two setups currently have completely different personalities. Still learning this RWD thing.

This one runs big angle at the expense of some outright speed.

Locking it on on lock.

Then balance the power 

Through the s-curves.

And Line it up for an attack.

Battling with the youth is fun. I think about 32 years between us. 

Carry the drift line

Some visitors enjoying the night.

Sometimes that first night can be tough to adjust. GCRC's unique surface requires as much rear chassis grip as you can generate.

A complete contrast to carpet where you need rear end slip.

Drove a couple of Sakura D4s that are just as effective.

Working in between some awesome CS battles.

 Chasing the CS in the train.

Thank you to all for a great busy night.


  1. Hey Russ, saw you missed out on the boss s14. Your in luck bud. Email me back!


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