Thursday, February 4, 2016


With the last track in session for over 12 months, Time to refresh the layout has you looking at options.

With a mix of RWD and CS running at slightly different terminal speed, the ability to pass has been incorporated. The width to the track has been nearly doubled in some locations making it easy to avoid cars, avoid accidents, take a different line or simply stay off the wall.

The addition of some striking colour and reference lines for turn in and proximity shoudl aid your own track position.

But by far the biggest change has been the addition of a straight. While it's not really driven in a straight line, It simply opens up the options for line and car position. Wide enough to treat it as two long corners or a diagonal straight line with a big entry, up to you.

The first few laps tonight with old setups were still fun, some gearing changes will be necessary and some more thought to driving line will have people thinking where to position their car for the style they want to run.

A big effort to get this done in one night. 

Right now, there are new sections of concrete exposed and used shiney sections so the dust and imbalance will take a few weeks to clear. Expect some dust until that happens.

But at the moment, first reactions are positive.

Looking at certain lines available the layout is actually very similar to the previous one. If you have short gearing, this line will allow you to drive the straight as two corners and keep the corners tight.

 If you have tall gearing or more 'real drift' style, this line should treat you well. The length of the lap will increase dramatically and you'll be able to carry more speed through the increased radius corners and ride the wall for most of the lap.

GCRC mandates Control Tyres for the larger track to maintain equal running.

50:50 or CS  

RC-Art Derive RT-01SH ( HDPE Plastic tyre for Carpet )
Top Line Sports Edition TDT-002PE  ( HDPE Plastic for Carpet.)
RWD Rear Control Tyre 

SpeedLine Medium CR-1 (Plastic for Concrete).

Bring on the first big session.

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  1. Looking Forward to drifting this track but filming the tandems on it.


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