Saturday, February 6, 2016

GCRC Battle Point

The sum of the part add to more than the whole.

The small details that add that little bit extra don't go unnoticed.

The 86 belongs to the FRNTIC LUKE DRFTA. One responsible for most video posted from GCRC.

Rear radiator, widebody 86 is a beast!

He has been taking on some photography duties so I never know what's on the camera roll. 

I think you'll agree he captures the action well. 

Proximity aids the camera process.

Hooked in.

Locked on

Slide past the tower.

If you or visiting teams to GCRC have small team stickers, feel free to load up the rear of the tower.

No it's not WWE, Just a bit of fun.

Small repairs and a tune up for the S13.

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