Thursday, May 25, 2017

DP-REX Update

Work is slowly progressing on my Overdosed DP prototype.

With the removal of the Kazama GSX-R parts and addition of the Overdose Decks, I've had to change up the specs a little. A little grinding of overdose components doesn't phase me.

Battery location is sorted. Wrap Up Next Nervis motor mount is not compatible with the Overdose Upper deck. While I could run the part in side mount, I want a Weight shift top mount.

So ... I've designed this.  It's a pretty targeted item.   Because of the Active Hobby link suspension, I had to route the chassis brace through the rear also.

I can't wait to receive the final piece and hook it up.

If it all works out, a custom DP lower deck might just make it to the Design lab, but for now complementing the OD is enough.

Front Roll Mod is now using an Overdose Steering link from a DRB.  RC-ART lower bumper brace adding to the bling.

Logos galore... Overdose whore.

Couldn't resist a bit of chopping. leaving room for interior seats etc.

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