Tuesday, May 16, 2017

GCRCD 20170516 + WARU ISF

It's quite fitting that the Team Tetsujin IS-F 350 Sport is sitting atop at Tetsujin curb. With the Waru emblem and the GCRCD Reflection accompanying the sliders logo.

An awesome shot that encompasses a true collaboration!

 Introducing the IS-F to GCRCD.

Final install was a dash and lights. Still a little to do, but results are good.

The IS-F is installed atop my Plastic Drift Package. This particular chassis did not suit some circuits during my recent trip to Japan, but at GCRCD, performance is still good.

 If you get a good flow constant speed at angle is awesome.

Kazama Lexus Vs Tetsujin Version... Very differnt.

Tetsujin Crown Majesta Vs IS-F

I kept a nice "Don't touch" distance.

But later had some moments of closeness.

Tetsujin style.  Red machine was a winner at a previous 4 Door Festival.

Kazama IS-F is good looking, but just lacking that minor detail.

Vacula II certainly has a lot of detail. the adjustability is awesome.

Vacula I vs Vacula II, different is differnt.

Kuso 86 project represent @ GCRCD.

Circuit Dr. souveniers applied to our 86s.


Battle hard.

Hang Loose.

Team shells were on track, but thats when the trains were around.

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