Wednesday, May 3, 2017

.RSG. Japan Part #3 WIN'S Narita - Golden Week SPL Session

On this day I had a completely empty schedule during the Japanese Golden Week Holiday Season.

 Joined again by the team of hard-core drivers from WIN'S Narita.

 New Yokomo Black Rims at WINS... I could not see.

 So I dug into my new rim selection and white was the order filled.

11-7 driving most of the time... So much awesomeness battling machines like this. I inflicted a lot of door rubbing as much as I received anyway.

White rims bearing the damage.

The locals were really accommodating by slotting me in to their trains.

This is precise transition that I also tried my best to replicate.

OUTSIDE... INSIDE... COME ON RUSS! and A WALK IN THE PARK were a few phrases the guys were using to spur me on.

A lot of fun.

I'm lucky of the guys have battery after I take a break, then I can capture some super close action.

Ready to dive or pounce. Always less than 2cm.

Undercover cops everywhere. You can't do anything anymore...! 

Well they are even more fun to play with.

Crown the Police!

You have to admire the work in these team bodies. They are all different but similar in their own style.

Go the Prox!

And get on board... These are tight. WINS definitely the tightest of the Japanese Styles.

V3 is MABUSHIII!!!!! Bright!

New 260Z is Original Gangster!

S14 Labo.

JZX Lovers admire the style.

WIN'S Narita has evolved over time from 4WD Full Counter Style to Almost completely Rear wheel Drive and now with a couple of years under the RWD belt the second evolution is coming..

I'll be watching the WIN'S blogs for the progression while still running High RPM NA or Small capacity + Turbo on FULL Boost.

If you are heading to JAPAN. Remember WIN'S is close to the Narita airport. Get in touch and Join the party!

You won't regret it.


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